FAQs about Giant's Virtual Event Platform

Developed in-house, by our amazing tech team
Far less, because we are building our own solution, we are developing our own code which is not exposed, compared to other platforms
Made available on the Giant website and Giant youtube account
An email will be sent out to all with a link to set up a password or log with SSO by linking a GMail or LinkedIn account.
A video room will be available with each exhibitor booth. Each booth will have a video room that attendees can access, depending on those manning the stands availability.

System requirements:

Latest, stable releases of all major browsers and platforms: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari (Mac only), Internet Explorer 10 (Windows only), Internet Explorer 11 (Windows only) and Edge. Internet Explorer 9 and below are not supported. Please, note that some features in Internet Explorer 10 may be supported partially, so we suggest using Internet Explorer 11 or Edge.


Mobile devices:

iOS devices are supported, but be aware that on very old devices you may encounter some incompatibilities or performance issues.

Android devices are supported, but we recommend using devices with Android 5.0 or newer.

For most seamless experience, please, make sure you are using latest available system and software versions.